+ What skincare and makeup products do you use?

We use the best products from various brands, such as Make Up For Ever, MAC, and NARS. Per request, artists will use your personal skincare and makeup products.

+ I've never worn airbrush makeup. How does it work and why should I use it?

Airbrush makeup is especially popular for weddings where the bride and groom will be recorded by high-definition equipment. The airbrush foundation that we use is water, heat, and transfer resistant. It gives the skin a natural, luminous finish no matter what level of coverage you desire. Airbrush foundation can hide skin blemishes, redness, age spots, and acne scars without appearing "caked on" like some traditional full-coverage foundations.

+ Why book a wedding trial?

When you book a wedding trial, you receive a dedicated stylist for ONE FULL HOUR per service in the privacy of your desired location. Once you confirm your look, we will have your style photographed and saved for reference on the day of your event. We ensure that your trial appointment will be done by the same stylist who will be performing your day-of service.

+ How do I get ready for the appointment?

To expedite your appointment, we ask that guests scheduled for makeup are ready with a clean and moisturized face. For blowouts, we ask that guests have freshly washed, wet hair when the artist arrives. For long-lasting results on all other hairstyles (i.e., updos, classic down styles), please wash hair the day before your scheduled appointment. For in-office appointments, our artists can lightly clean the skin and dampen hair as needed, unless dry styling is requested to accomplish your desired look.

+ How long will my appointment last?

Artists are trained to complete each hair or makeup look in 45 minutes or less. *Extra long or thick locks may take extra time, depending on the desired look.

+ What if I am running late?

Your artist is booked with you for a 45 minute hair or makeup session, or a 90 minute hair and makeup appointment and we allow for a 15 minute grace period if you are running late. If you are delayed beyond 15 minutes and your artist is available to stay, you will be charged a rate of $50 per half hour to keep the artist for the additional time. Please let us know if you will be running late or need to push your appointment. If our artist is not booked directly following your appointment, we will do our best to accommodate your schedule for the additional fee or to complete your service in less than 45 minutes.

+ My wedding isn't in New Orleans, help!

Let's chat! We love to visit new cities and will happily travel to your destination.